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Combining psychology, magic and audience engagement

I combine the enchantment of magic with the rigor of psychological science. As a scientific & creative consultant, speaker, and author I am passionate about unveiling the wonders of the human mind and enriching events, content, and presentations with a unique blend of magic and science.

What I Offer:

  • For Public Speakers and Professionals: Through tailored coaching, I help professionals enhance their delivery and presence, ensuring that their public speaking skills are as captivating as they are informative. I coach speakers to integrate impactful magic tricks and effects to their content and make their speech memorable.

  • For Organizations and Companies: I provide bespoke workshops and engaging presentations that make complex psychological principles both accessible and actionable, ideal for enhancing corporate events and conventions with a touch of magic that truly captivates.

  • For Magicians: I offer consultations and collaborations aimed at creating deeper, more impactful messages, utilizing my extensive research into psychological manipulation and mind control techniques and my coaching experience.

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TED talk: What magic tricks can reveal about free will

TED talk: What magic tricks can reveal about free will


​I have pioneered the scientific research on magicians' mind control tricks, called forcing techniques. My studies focus on investigating magic tricks to study psychological principles such as illusory sense of agency and freedom over choice, decision-making processes, memory malleability, or placebo effects.

My research has been published in high-impact journals (e.g., PNAS, JEP: General or TiCS) and has gained visibility through diverse media and public talks (e.g., TED, The Financial Times, BBC and BBC the One Show, the Wellcome Collection...).

I have co-authored The Psychology of Magic with Dr. Gustav Kuhn, gathering scientific insights about magic to make it useful and accessible to the magic community.

I am also a committee member of SoMA - the Science of Magic Association - an interdisciplinary organization that promotes rigorous research directed toward understanding the nature, function and underlying mechanisms of magic.

I am a regular keynote speaker on the topic of the psychology of magic, decision-making, illusory freedom over choice and the quirks of our mind.

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What people say

"As a seasoned speaker, I was seeking innovative ways to enhance my delivery and engagement. Alice was nothing short of spectacular in this regard.

What makes Alice unique is her dual expertise in research and magic, which she seamlessly integrates into her coaching. Her understanding of audience psychology brought new dimensions to my performances. Each session was filled with insightful, tailored advice that was directly applicable to my specific needs.

Alice’s approach went beyond conventional techniques; she introduced creative, 'out-of-the-box' strategies that were both practical and impactful. Her ability to adapt and customize her coaching to my unique context as a speaker and researcher was impressive.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alice to anyone looking to elevate their public speaking skills. Whether you're new to the stage or an experienced speaker, Alice’s guidance is sure to enhance your impact and charisma in front of an audience."
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