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IT'S OUT: The Psychology of Magic

My book on the psychology of magic, co-written with Dr. Gustav Kuhn and edited by Vanishing Inc., is now available! We gathered years of scientific insights about magic, to share it with the magic community and make it useful and practical for you, magicians! You can get it on Vanishing Inc. website, or directly through me with a personalized hand-written word in there, buying it via Paypal!

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Magical News

Here are Alice's updates on projects related to magic outside the academic world. The page reunites resources including podcasts, interviews, or exciting news for the world of magic.




An article of my taxonomy of forcing techniques et the psychology of magic is available in the fifth edition of the amazing NEAT REVIEW.


Get it here!


The Penguin Magic Podcast

In this interview with Erik Tait, we discuss our new book, The Psychology of Magic From Lab to Stage, and what magicians can learn from studying the psychology of magic in a laboratory setting. 

Listen it here!

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Art of Impossible

In this interview with Alex, I shared insights on forcing, the psychology of magic, gender in magic and ethical problems of presenting mentalism and magic.

Listen/watch it here!



The Successful Mentalist

In this episode, I joined Aidan and Ashley to discuss how we can apply psychological principles to make our tricks deceptive. We talked about how mentalism principles can be used to enhance creativity and manage depression.


The Session

I gave a talk at The Session, one of the greatest magic convention in the world (13th to 15th of January 2023 in London, UK). We also ran workshops on eye-tracking and how to use objective feedback through surveys, as well as studies to measure magicians' expertise and skills! Some other scientific surprises are about to come... Stay updated!



Lost Angelus: Magic Meets Science

My interview with Jeremy Griffith on Forcing Techniques of Magicians and Mentalists under the microscope of rigorous experimentation.



Of Sleights and Men

In this episode, I joined The Daily Magician to discuss:

How much of Derren Brown's magic is true 'mentalism' (it was far more than we expected)

The BEST force in magic (I guarantee it will surprise you)

How to avoid being tricked (the answer made us laugh out loud)

And finally... why all humans are lazy (and how accepting that can change your life forever)

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